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          The 2007 Rosbifs and Snails 2CV Route du Soleil Tour

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Snail Pages

Click on the Snail name to learn more about how each of the teams is getting on.

Snail Name Pilots Progress
Aly Ackerman / Bowater Despite the car's registration and name, this is NOT Nigel's wife Alison's car.
Amelie II Deakin / Kenyon Amelie II  passed her MOT! without any problems.
Bote de Peu Lambert / Overall The box of bits passed its MOT! and is looking good.
Citroen Tarte Howard / Yates Proving to be a nice little runner despite being a late entrant.
Mangy Moose Brown / Gibson After some fairly major work she is now not "mangy" at all.
Marlow Donkey Evans / Hudson Purchased locally - she needed work to fix starting problems but now seems ok.
The Duke of Cambridge Gibbs / McGinty Leaked petrol on the first night.  Has been much better behaved since.
Bike Support Team Joyce / Wust  
Car Support Team Iwaszko / Radstone